Libi East

Rabbi Bunam of P’shischa tells a parable of a king and his son. The son was banished from the kingdom because he failed to meet the responsibilities the title of prince required. The prince, banished, gradually became accustomed to life in exile as common villager. His father, the king, nevertheless kept watch over his cherished, but wayward son. It pained him to see his son’s suffering, even though it was for his ultimate good. 

Unable to continue to bear the pain of his son in exile, the king sent a messenger to the prince, saying “your father loves you and will grant you anything you want.” After a brief moment, the son expressed his gratitude for the concern, said he was cold and asked for a new coat. The father was heartbroken. All the son had to do was ask to return home, but he forgot his relationship with the king and lost desire to be home!

For two thousand years the Jewish people have longed to exit their exile and return to their homeland. While we have the nation of Eretz Yisrael today, the fact remains that we are still in exile. Since the destruction of the Second Temple, the Jewish people have not had the freedom to fully live in their land, uninhibited, with abundant blessing from HaShem. 

How do we exit galus? How do we return home? What if we do not even desire to live in the land of Israel? This is the goal of Libi East. We hope to nurture the holy instinct of love and yearning toward Eretz Yisrael that is within each and every one of us. In the merit of our increased love and yearning for Eretz Yisrael and HaShem sees where our hearts are, may it help speed up our return help bring the Geulah speedily in our days. 

Libi East has designed content and merchandising to help inspire you in this pursuit of yearning to return. Part of the proceeds of every Libi East purchase helps support the love of Eretz Yisrael.